Sunday, April 24, 2011

Asian Art

Ming Dynasty Wanli Period Carp Vase

There are those how ardently believe that "anything Chinese" will sell in this market, and while there may currently be ample reason to believe this, there are those of us in the Asian Art, Antiques and Antiquities business who still maintain that this is an unjustified myth. The recent sale by Sotheby's is a case in point. The much anticipated sale of the "Meiyintang collection" of Chinese Imperial porcelain I believe proves that there are limits to what can and will sell. The Meiyintang collection was of impeccable provenance and the porcelain was of the highest caliber, yet 30% of the lots went unsold and of those that sold privately after the sale, they sold for well below the pre-sale estimate.

Ming Dynasty Chenghua Period Stem Cup

Quality must always lead the way in the Art and Antiquities market, but it must always be closely followed by reasonable prices. For not all avid collectors are flush with money, and among those that are, they still do not wish to feel that they are being taken advantage of by the Grand Auction Houses and Dealers.

Ming Dynasty Jaijing Period Dragon Dish

Respectfully, Robert Yates
President, Asian Antiquities